Friday, July 4, 2008

"True Success Is Not Measured By Money"

With the changing times I cannot comprehend the speed of changes. I cannot understand the cultures in which we are immersed into. Am I getting older that I cannot go with the flow? There are times that I wanted to slow it down. I want to think like a child again, full of wonders and full of amazement. But those are all gone. I must think logically or else I will be in bad habits.

I should decide quickly or else I will be on the brink of lost. And sometimes all I need is to get lost. To lose my soul into the everyday struggle of living in this world of complexities should be done to regain my sanity. Nothing is real will be my slogan and I am living in a nightmare of having the emptiness in my life and in my existence. There are no direction whatsoever in this so-called path of life.

Until I have found through the ages that our living here is just a series of passing a “subject” in which we called them as experiences. And most of the times there are so many “pre-requisites” subjects in order to learn the next subjects. And oftentimes those pre-requisites are just so great that we should pass them satisfactorily in order to be in the next level of our life.

In our living and loving, we should first be ready to take part in whatever challenge that our loved ones is giving us. We should sacrifice for our lovers so that we can harmoniously and continuously lived with each other. We should understand the very nature of our loved ones so that they will understand us also. And we cannot escape the paradox of love that sometimes leave us in a state of nowhere in which no pre-requisite is needed in order for us to recover. And what we need is time.

One of the boldest statements I have ever encountered is “stay hungry, stay foolish”. That was from a great innovator of our times. And he succeeded in every field he went to. Like him we could be great too. We could reach our goals just by living our dreams now. We should work it out and hurdle any obstacle just to get “there” We should be patient in every step of the way and be prepared for some setbacks that might bring us to the bottom again and again until we surface to our success. In that process we could say that we are “ripe” to whatever good things available for us.

Another striking quotes I have love is “when you really want someone or something, the universe will conspire to have it”. Most of the time it is true. When we expect something for us will happen it doesn’t but God will give us another one that does not resemble our original wish but in many ways surpassed it.We may wish for a family or partner but no one comes along. We may wish for prosperity but oftentime we experienced crisis.

And most of the time what we pray for doesn’t necessarily happen. But along the way we might conclude that HE has a better plan. God has better ways of doing thing for us. And that is true based on my experiences. How many times that I should have given up, but here I am struggling for life? How many time we are on the brink of insanity when we really do not know what is happening or what will happen to us given the conditions of our life. And indeed later we can realize that the universe really conspired for our betterment.

And next week the world will get older. And so am I. I will be a year older than last year’s. I might say that I really have grew up. I have grew up to the point that I am missing the years when I do not “fear” the future. I am missing those times when I don’t know what to do and still love what life is giving me. I am missing those times I really don’t cared what will happen for the next ten or twenty years of my life.

And now I am thinking again. I am thinking that I should slow down. I should take time to contemplate of what really is I want of my life. I strongly believed that everybody has its duty and calling for his stay in this planet. Most of the times we cannot know them at once but gradually sink into our system the real meaning of our existence.

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