Monday, August 25, 2008

How I See Myself In My Own Small World

About Me,Being The Unique & Living In My Own Special World

I am active, curious and enthusiastic and with a very good sense of humour. I enjoy peace and quiet, as well as fun and games, and every good thing that life has to offer. Family and friends are vitally important to me. Loyalty faithfulness and integrity are as well. I'm down to earth and energetic, always open to new experiences and thinking, even at this age.

Having a young outlook on life. I desire as much closeness and commitment as possible. I enjoy lively discussions about life in general and on specific topics as well.

Would wish to meet my prince with similar interests and experiences to share these values, passions and enthusiasms. Must be hardworking and energetic and also resourceful and generous.

Must be kind, honest and truthful; a knight who may not necessarily be a perfect being; he should be someone human enough to make mistakes, yet confident enough to admit them; not afraid to say the 3 most healing words "I am sorry", yet capable of saying the most 3 magical words" I love You".I also love people who are open, frank, outspoken, but tactful, courageous, loving and kind, someone who would encourage, a lover who would work hard with me to keep the relationship vibrant and enjoyable.

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