Sunday, August 31, 2008

Strength Of A Woman


In every woman's life

There are moments of pride

The challenges that made her stronger

The determination has remained steadfast

She work hard and never quit

The willingness to keep on the path

She gave her best stayed with her dream

There's nothing she can't do in her love will sustain

Motivation that she possess

Confidence that purpose has strong sense

Understanding to accept the benefits of criticism

Celebration of life and love has shown to her face

Behind her smile more pains to hide

Controlled emotions to let show her passion

Loving touch to satisfy the needs of innocent cry

Yet being true to herself unappreciated often times

She's an angel created with an amazing role

In her womb where human are place and formed

In her folded hands where immature faith be train

In her tongue words of wisdom to nourish innocent mind

In her heart finds greater inspiration

Every hope she seek comes unexpected miracles

Every challenges she meet petition for piece of peace

For every opportunity wants

Wishing an extra chances

She's the woman with dreamer's eye

To view endless possibilities to go on with life

She's a blessed woman with enough strength

Blessed heart with enough courage to succeed

Empowered with all the love and goals

She's focused on her unborn and born future

Brave enough to face both joys and struggles

Accomplishments keep and remembered forever

This special moment congratulate her

Do something meaningful she deserved

Remember many people smiling at her

Wishing and celebrating right along with her

She may be unknown by some people

Most oftentimes unnoticed and ignored

Yet so tough to decide when and where to hide

This place called home where little voices

called her "MOM"

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