Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Still Surviving


You asked me if
I wanted you to go
Well I can tell you now
the answer is no

Like I always said
and it's true with you

I found someone who
accepts me as I am

Yet helps me become a better
more fulfilled person

You wanted to hear
all of my dreams, hopes, and pains

Although I am reluctant now

because of past

thoughts written
to open this place to him

Pain is a feeling that I have felt
all too many times
before so many times
through out my life

My thoughts spun round

While my hands idle they stay
Emotions are dormant
And the whole time

I say I'm okay

Change is an avoided element
Though unavoidable change
is shown to be

Tears don't flow much
during the drought
and frustrated by efforts
that never came to be

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