Friday, August 8, 2008


I'll Stand By You...My Love
When the Orange Blossoms cease to bloom,And the sun no longer peaks down on you from above,When the rain is but a memory of long ago,Or the notes of a song fall silent on your ears;A blade of grass is something you see in a picture,Or the laughter of a loved one is a distant thought;The hush of the wind no longer touches your face,And the cool waters run only in your mind;The smell of sweetness that catches your nose brieflybecomes only a dream of things that once were;Time with no meaning drags slowly by as you try tofill your moments with purpose,Joy becomes a chore as you try to hold onto the memories,And the one that slipped through your life,Like droplets of sand through a sieve, fades like the setting sun,When all things that matter most to you have vanished,Know that I will be there...

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