Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Eyes Is The Gate Through Our Soul"

_________" E Y E S "________
I open my eyes to see perfect obedience staring back at me when I think about what I see. I am creations omnipresent reflection accepting responsibility for all things as the love that comes in the form of everything!!!

Any possibility is mine as well as your gift of absolute truth that all beings are worthy of free agency to grant every living thing with the exact same equality deserved shared not more or less. This empowers each of us with the same abilities creation respectfully delivers each time we think the thought by accepting the belief as reality. The permission is always granted and you can always change your mind.

No thing or being has the ability to over take your free agency to choose any possibility without you first submitting the approval to say that you concur, agreeing to accept the taught learned belief as your reality and works both ways for all living things.

Who told you and why did you allow your gift of free agency to surrender even one thought to escape and make a love look like predestined users for a hero to call the loser into accepted lies of respectful obedience as deceit defeats with no limits beyond your reach? The reality any knowledge needs actually requires your complete support to be an accepted manipulation in order for it to even be seen for the reality you think you experience.

Forgive and forget any and all learned behaviors that stand in your way from your peace and the true divinity you are now. You will explode into the infinite possibilities your free agency has NOW at the speed of light switching on you to use the thoughts you support to believe for change to happen whenever you think necessary to now evolve our unlimited experience.

Blossoming into our eternal freedom, all beings may think my reality I live in now with the perceptions I think with these words you read, may confuse my ability to allow free agency to want to think it does not already see what I see, side by side equal and can always fix what you cant see here when any thing is possible with eternity to go and perfect obedience no longer needs permission from me personally to survive here or die!!!

This is my heaven today, you can stay or continue to clean up a hell full of lies; either way, it is fine with me when my thoughts are the equality free agency creates and is on each of all sides big or small. I offer a humble thank you as I silently think to write with my eyes open staring you right in the face and see nothing but the now as a perfect obedience.

As you follow when or where or why the source flows to commit to find your reason that lives in your reality with me here by your side and my every thought known how to forget to unhide is simply my love perfection personified reflects obedience of my thoughts perceptions being just right all the time.

A heaven I call Earth in the here and now for any or all opposite of my sight to dwell. Is simply to see the beautiful temple my body is to me and why for eternity I will reside as I look to your direction from behind twinkles and shines. My placebo is me wondering what my reflection thinks of me when they see of a perfect truth any language would find is our reality that looks like my NOW!!!


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