Saturday, August 16, 2008


I Love You is More than words

When I tell you I love you do you hear or feel?
Yes you heard me, but does your heart know its real?
We can all speak these words without a single thought
But words are only words without the love we were taught

Don’t just speak you must express and show
Love needs to be fed with effort if it’s to grow
”I love you”, is way to easy to just say
You must show it, in every single way

Little thoughtful surprises or flowers for no reason
Could be for a Monday or the change of a season
There’s no better reward then to see her smile
If the love is returned I can do this for awhile

To love with all your heart can never be wrong
It will bring happiness, like and everlasting love song
True love is something to hold and keep forever
I would never sell, not even for a priceless treasure

Please accept what I have to give
It’s a happy life I want to live
I can make you happy and love you so
Once we embrace we’ll never let go

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