Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Make The Man Of Your Dreams Fall For You"

What makes Men fall in love ?
As other women had wonder, I ask the same perpetual question : HOW men fall in love. Do they sometimes fall for somebody before dating? (Seriously, does/can that happen?) What is a guy's thought process in that situation?

Really, women ( I am among the wonderers) want to know this stuff!

Someone tried to answer me, and though he said that it was “ TOP SECRET “ I thought that he wouldn’t mind if I share this with you, to know what do YOU think about, here is his answer :

I think any guy here can say that it IS possible for any guy to fall in love with a single glance at the opposite sex. The only problem is we don't admit it to anyone (sometimes not even to ourselves) It's a seldom thing but it can happen.

But it differentiates from guy to guy. Me personally, is personality.

She may be Beautiful, but if that beauty matches who she is then that's all it takes for me, but it takes time to adjust to it. Men don't or rarely use the word "love" but that doesn't mean we don't feel it. Even a low life can feel it but would never admit it.

The only exception would be if a guy has been burned so badly that makes him bitter, but that means he HAS been in love, and it is possible for a guy to fall in love. Women sometimes think that we use it aimlessly just to get what we want out of them.

True, but so do women. It's not always the case. Sure we take advantage of it, but that’s because women aren't meeting a guys wants. (even the most despicable ones) It's tricky and almost impossible to believe but it's there.

That's where patience is necessary, and if that can't be provided that is why we get bored and bitter with women and causes us to do stuff that some of us regret. Furthering our notion of what love is and not believing in it.

Guys will only admit they love you or in love when women: doesn't pressure them into anything, understands him, appreciates him (even if he burps and farts around the clock) and respects him and most important space.

Almost the same things women want from men. (another cliché) communication is basically key, you just need to know how to approach us when it comes to a one on one chat, and if you love us the way most women claim they would know what that is.

That’s why we so foul of creatures as many women claim we are, say we are jerks and d*cks and are incapable of love. But we are capable of it we just don't express it or show it as much as we like why? well because we're guys. Now the reason as to why we hide love? that’s a secret.

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