Friday, August 8, 2008

"Experience True Love"

Have you ever been in love?

Love.... a real life drama that unfolds anytime, yet no one can explain. Ask yourself how or why loved happened and you perhaps get plenty of ideas but seldom an explanation. Not even Aristotle or Albert Einstein could give the perfect equation. It is love that you might get nevous giggle, a sleepless night or a never ending day with palpitation of the heart, a red face and loss of apetite. Lyricists and poets have written and write lines inspired by the theme of love. Almost every song tells about love. Love, an explainable emotion that overpowers everyone; kings, queens, prince, princesses, rich , poor, young, adult men and women. Love, tolds romantic novels and romantic films that makes girls go crazy and indulge in daydreaming. In falling in love, which to be blamed? mind or heart? Or both?. They say the heart yet can’t be understand. And yet some says because they are compatible. I guess there is something more than romance, changing kisses and hugs or giving a bouquet of roses. Love is in between two but also in the midst of many taking responsibility to your fellow or any who has life. It is more than a deep affection or strong liking. Digging deeply it aloows us to find Christian love in everyone. Love can destroy agonizing bitterness which we might develop against our enemies or people, who liked to be closed to us but being disrespectful the same time..Frustrated? Hopeless? Just think that one day you’ll be able to experience all kinds of love. Who knows? One day you’ll be able to love your enemy or even the last person who try to squander your last respect..

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