Monday, August 25, 2008

My Undying Love

Strange Feelings

It's still a mystery what connects us

What brings me this feeling that i can't even describe

A craving , a weakness that when you are near

all i want to do is run to you,hold you tight & never let go

Strange emotion that keeps haunting me whenever i go

Even i hide i think i can't escape this feelings that is wild

I wanna kiss u everytime i got a chance , i don't want to escape

I want to be locked with you in a place where only you & me

A place where i can be yours & you can be mine

I love you so much more than the words that i can utter

Hold me , Hold me don't ever let go...
Because i can run , i can escape from you but i cannot lie

You are the man of my dreams, You are the soul of my heart

I never wanted any other man but you...

If the love is real,let it be

because loving you is my fuel for living...

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