Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Who MUST BE the LUCKY1?"


I wonder if I know; what now will I do ?

My heart races each time I see and think of you
Must be a trap in my throat that hurt so I cannot talk
This tongue of impairment; Makes my pulse revolve

My love is enormous; I preserved just for you
Your laughter is infectious; I love it if you only knew
Your smiley face sparkling eyes; makes me warm from cold and sigh
There is a power of magnet; A magic that even my nerves getting tight

My feelings are so strong; Yet are so strange

Tell me where I choose to dwell ; if you are just a dream
All I wanted not to wake up; For in your arms I will still
For Dreaming of YOU and ME ; A great experience to deal
My heart full of joy; In you I only concede

When I touch and feel your skin; I know it's not a dream
Let me not go to sleep please; For my time in you I will spend
Being wrapped by You 24hours; Just like 1minute to feel and think

Your positive energy and wisdom; Makes my life renew and revive

It makes Colorful gallery; In my thoughts that you will find
1 minute unwrapped from your arms; 24 hours I may be blind
Just Close my eyes thinking of you behind; surely i'll be just fine
How would I know if all these things are true?

Words are not accurate to tell everything's to you
The feelings are growing; Still my words are lacking
My world really so amazing; Because of you I am changed

For I know this is real ; That only my heart can comprehend

My heart's Longing for You; Makes me feel so weak and low
Knowing that my heart only wants you; I am scared to lose you
For I stay up and write 'til five; The reason must know

My heart is in confusion; It must need a confession

For I need you in my life; The MATE of my SOUL

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