Monday, August 25, 2008

Acceptance Is Not A Sign Of Defeat,It's Humility


Disclaimer- This is not about ALL women nor is it about anyone in particular. Just some experiences I have had. Take it with a grain of salt.

I am a man.

I am a brilliant individual. I see things, know things, and understand things very clearly. I see underneath to true meanings, I see behind words to emotions. In general, I know exactly what I am talking about.


And I know I am not incorrect. I knowwwwwww I am right.

Sometimes, women just don't want to admit it. They cannot believe I have sniffed out their dramas. So what do they do? They ride it all the way down to the bottom. They stick with their story. They insist I am incorrect. They insist they are innocent. THEN they insist that it is I who am wrong, and try to be indignant and offended and turn it all around on me. They have just been all peachy and wonderful and it is I who is in the wrong entirely. They will sometimes even tell me I said things, that make their case, whether I ever did say them or not.

Then I say "I didn't say that" and they accuse me of more error, like I don't even know what I am saying. Nope. My mind is clear and I know exactly what I said. I also know that now you are making things up, proving what I already knew. You are full of it.

Sometimes, when I point out what is really going on, they insist I am wrong because they don't even realize what they have done or said, and that I have seen through it so concisely, before they have even realized their own intent.

I'm that good.

But since they are women, I generally believe that they know what they are doing. Women are way smart, but sometimes they talk to me like I am the normal dumb-ass guy who they can get over on.

I am not.

Not for one second.


Why can't some girls ever stop and say "you know what? You are right."

and mean it?

I will tell you why. Because they can't tolerate being wrong, and the concept that a man has just penetrated their nonsense. Further, whatever they were trying to accomplish is no longer going to work, so they have to persist with the mess to see if they can eventually get me to start questioning myself, or, if I will get sick of trying to argue and just concede or relent because we can't agree and I hate arguing. Sometimes they even try and tell me I have lost it completely. I haven't lost anything honey. I know exactly what is going on. I am not making it up. Do you think I can't see?

Now ladies, we know that sometimes you want us to see your point of view. No matter how right we think we are, or how nonsensical your views seem to be, we need to stop and recognize that this is how you feel anyway, and it doesn't have to make sense, but we need to acknowledge it, legitimize it, and take you into account.

But do you realize that you have to do that too?

Sometimes you have to admit that you are wrong. Sometimes you have to realize that you have come across a certain way, whether you intended to or not, and now you need to make it right or check yourself.

You want me to come clean and be honest? Admit I have been a jerk, or that I blew it somewhere? Admit that I need to improve myself for a deep character flaw?

You need to be honest with yourself then. Can you ever admit- yes, Sam, I have been a close minded individual who gets upset about things I shouldn't. Yes, I was trying to manipulate you. I know I am a conniving, irrational wack job sometimes, and I am going to make a sincere effort to get better?

"Yes, Sam, I am in the wrong here?!?!?!"

is your pride too big to ask me for help with not being such an idiot?

Do you want me to face and correct all my shortcomings-

and think that you simply don't have to?

Because I will sniff them out, and present them clearly, and I expect the same honesty and humbleness that you expect from me. If you can't handle that, and admit you are WRONG, then you can't expect any of that honesty or humility from me. Don't you sit there and try to sell me some dramas about how you are never this way or that way like other girls when it's as plain as the nose on your face that you are, in fact, like that.

I know you are wrong, I know you know exactly what I am talking about, and now I want you to back off and get real with me, like you know you should. Because you can't fool me. Own it.

I can handle that, and I will appreciate your honesty.

There's the bigger issue, too, that once I have established that you aren't as great as you want everyone to think, and I am far more brilliant than you ever thought, you will now no longer be able to run your drama, manipulate, control, or make me feel inferior to you. And that makes you as uncomfortable and as insecure as you have ever felt in your life... so you try and to regain that by catching me in some screw-up or just refusing to admit when you are wrong and trying to still blame me. There's also the problem that if it turns out I am right, that means that your behavior and treatment of me is unacceptable, and you aren't going to want to change that, admit that, improve yourself, or apologize.

Its just like when you KNOW a guy is lying to you and he just keeps on trying to run that bullshit and is making himself look ridiculous- except now its you that is doing that, and I know it just as well. It embarrasses us both, it makes you look ridiculous, and insults me that you think I am that dumb.

Give up the act, cut the drama, and admit you are busted.

THEN we can talk.

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