Monday, August 25, 2008

Man Of My Life

Life after death

If everyone had a father who was like him
There would be more laughing joy and singing
There would be much more loving and understanding
Fewer crime fighting greed grudging jealousy but only caring

If you only knew how much I love him
I got every word in life’s lesson that he taught
Perhaps he thought I missed some of those
But I picked up everything in my heart it’s written

I would not be a woman I am today
Without a father like him I can honestly say
He built a strong foundation no one can take away
I have grown up with his values I’m glad I did it positively
He has a big ears father who listens and understands
He was the hero in my fight he was always willing to stand
A great motivator in life must be fair to rules and demands
A wacky sense of humor in life deal it with smiles and have fun

If you only knew my sadness knows no end
But I believe he’s gone but not his words of wisdom
I’m grieving for him each day and it’s hard to carry on
Our brilliant memories telling me that life must go on

I learned to love my life myself and my health
For I know this is the most precious things on earth
Living with full of love goals purposes leading you to win
Family must be value just what I do to my friends

If everyone had a father who was more like him
Fewer people would be discontented and feeling blue
Because life after death there is unending smiles if you only knew
These was my father taught me as what I did and share to all of you

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