Sunday, August 10, 2008


Cheaters only,Men specially
Females are very soft-hearted than males, so they can easily forgive, especially when the one they love ask it from them. And I'm pretty happy for that character, because it is in accordance with God's teaching to forgive those who have sinned against us, for He Himself will forgive our sins.

But, wicked people take advantage on this. A lover gains courage to cheat on his girlfriend for he knows in advance that she will forgive him, whether it is done seriously or not, and without the girl's knowledge of his deep sincerity. You just have to cry a little, or act so sweet that will eventually melt a girl's heart, or speak something that comes from a ballad song, or anything that their minds can create just to get back his girl's trust and love.

Due to my knowledge on this and eagerness not be subjected to another trickery, all this never work for me. I'm sorry, but i'm pretty hard especially when I can sense based on a guy's background what's really in his heart. Yes I do forgive, but that is never meant to say that I'm going back with someone who brought me misery. If a single big mistake can still be disregarded, a new and a graver one will not be treated similarly. The second time will only serve as a warning for my own goodness to leave and never look back.

It's a big deal for me that a man must have good moral values, because if he truly has this, he will do all his best to keep it up, in whatever situation he may be. Good physical appearence may attract and satisfy our eyes, (and you know what for some others) but a serious love relationship goes beyond that. It needs fidelity most importantly, and fidelity has a broad meaning, and includes respect, honesty, understanding and etc.

Now, he began to realize the special qualities of his ex-girlfriend, which he could never find on the girl he's with at this moment (who was his accomplice in causing me great pain and attempt of humiliation). As the song goes "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

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