Thursday, August 28, 2008

" Love Essentials "

Love is not enough

Love is not the only reason why relationship stands for years or till forever.. we might think that love holds the relationship.. but this is a wrong way of thinking, love diminish thru time, maybe the person you love now would be the person you will hate when you reach a certain age.. in each level of maturity there will be a new ideas, new thinkings, new opportunities and growths. love can be weaken, love fades. have you heard of someone saying I LOVE YOU FOREVER.. there's no forever in this word.. the only thing that is constant in this world is CHANGE! people change same with feelings, and love is a feeling..

I just realized that love is not enough. the secret of having a strong lasting relationship is to trust the one u love and able to accept his/her weaknesses or mistakes.. it's not how many time you have forgiven but how you shown understanding..

Love is nothing w/o trust. so don't ruin one's trust coz this would be the door for a happy relationship.

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