Saturday, August 16, 2008


The unknown can be so passionate and erotic
To think of the possibilities is totally exotic
Who are you? And why do you make me pant?
We haven’t even met, think straight? No I can’t!

Do looks really matter if you have a mental connection?
I don’t think so, as long as there is mutual affection
My mind is entranced by the thought of passion
A passion leaving me breathless, my hearts crashing

Crashing in a good way like a school boys crush
An amazing feeling I will savor, no need to rush
An enigma she is, as my mind rages out of control
I need to explore her and I may just feel whole

I’m feeling euphoric and not of a chemical kind
Its true inner feelings that have conquered my mind
I’m so enthralled by what I have seen and read
Thoughts are not clear, they just swarm my head

Ill leave this up to fate if fate actually exists
It won’t be hard to tell, depends on if she persists
Passion and hope can bring a man to his knees
But for now. If your out there. Tell me please

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