Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Time Travel !

What we experience today , is the result of our past choices .

it's like looking at the sky , to a beautiful star . what you are seeing is just the light of that star , the star itselff may not exist any more . but you can't resist .. you start dreaming , or even writing an amazing poem about .. .. an illusion !the same happens when we remember something , that is too good or too bad to forget , and re-live it over and over again .at one point, we will re-act , as if it's real and happening , but when our eyes are opened ... we will face reality and find out that we just lost both what we had and what we have or could have .it's not easy at all to face both sides of reality , the one we hate and the one we love , the one we try to forget and the one we want to remember .. the one we live and the one we hope .. but you must .. you can't accept one side and ignore the other . it will haunt you forever . many people would tell you that we can't change the past. I think they are wrong .

we can change the past by changing how we look at it .. and how we understand it .try it , and when you do .. you will find that the past really changed .the events are the same .. but everything else is not the same anymore .change how you look at the past , and how you understand it , and your present will change instantly . and that , will create a new future , a better , and very real future .

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