Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dream To Live

Dream To Live Because Dreams Is Our Road To Success ...

What actually is a dream? Is it important? Do they have impact on one's life? What would be a life without dreams?

Dreams are nothing but one's expectations, innovations and also believed to be the means in which we communicate with the Almighty. Life without dreams is same as a body without the soul. Dreams play a vital role in one's life. You ask me how?

1. Dreams as expectations:

Consider a small boy of 7 yrs, he dreams to become the first in the class. So, he works very hard and excels and proves to be the first in the class. If haden't he dreamt, would he achieve, would he gather courage and strength to continue his work to become the best.

2. Dream as innovation:

If there wasn't dream, we'd be still in the stone-age!!! Everything we use today, was some day, in the past one's innovation which had occured through his dream.

3. Dream to communicate with Almighty:

All of us are sent to earth with a purpose. Almighty, comes in dreams and guides us. If we've forgotten something or deviate from the Almighty, then He comes and puts you back on track.

Dreams play a vital role in one's life. Its in our hands not to let go off our dreams but make them in our reality. That's where the beauty of the game lies. If dreams are not realised, then their purpose is not served. Hence dream and not just that, make them your reality.


Enligthen your self and enligthen others

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