Saturday, August 23, 2008


I wonder why you fell love with me?

There are times when I look in the mirror

When I'm getting dressed and I look at myself

And I wonder what it is that you see in me

That I can't see in myself.

I have many scars,I have many flaws

But you tell me of how you look

Way beyond these things I have.

You tell me that you see perfection...

perfection in your eyes.

The scars are not my fault.

The flaws bring out my beauty that...

I have been hiding within.

I wonder why you still put up with me?

When it takes me a while

to understand your sense of humor,

Your cute little jokes

But you're still here

And you still love me like

No other woman you have ever loved before.

I wonder why I'm still here?

When I can't seem to understand me,

Why I cry at times for no apparent reason.

I wonder why you put up with

my silly little tantrums?
You just smile and tell me

that it brings out the Cute side of me.

I wonder why it's difficult to accept myself

And not think I'm a failure.

But you are there for me

And always have been

And always will be.

You say that you can't be mad at me;

it's not in you.

You understand me because you love me

With all your heart.

I wonder why you have accepted me for "who I am"?

And you ALWAYS tell me this:"

Baby, your scars and your flaws

are there for a reason,

and one reason alone.

The scars saved your life and the flaws

are simply your inner beauty

that you have hidden all your life.

Both combined have brought me to you...

the INCREDIBLE woman that you are.

The woman that has made me so happy

and my life so complete.

"I cry with tears of joy,

And a smile on my face.

And I'm so blessed that God

Gave me you, and you to me.

Though we may have some difficulties

at times In our relationship,

But it's a time when our love for each other

Will grow stronger each and every day.

I wonder why I fell so madly in love with you?

Because God gave me a chance

to fall in love again,

And he gave me lover,
and my very BEST friend forever!

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