Friday, August 8, 2008

"A Woman & Her Dreams"

Day dreaming

i'll let my soul fly, fly high up in the sky, visit places that i've never been before, go into forest's and streets and maybe even more, this is my kind of escape, i free my soul from my body and let it levitate, to watch the rest of you people run around in stress and then move on in a hurry, dont wanna stay at this place while other people gets buried, so i fly, fly right over the top of the next hill, dont wanna think about how, many people have been killed, so i search on for a place to rest, my soul is feeling like a heavy chest, filled up with gold, wish i could find such a chest at the end of this road, but i feel tired, i need to relax, but at this moment i wake up, by someone yelling "hey rex, catch" so now i'm back, i grap the thing in the air, thrown towards my head, and think to myself "well your reflexes are'nt totally gone yet.


Music is like a drug for an addicted mind, it can feel like an emotion, put on rewind, it can feel like anything, from hate to love, and sent you right on a trip to the sky above, fill your head up with chaotic thoughts, or drag you up from a period with depression and loss, but at the end it binds you as a steel chain, to fill you up with happiness when you're out in the rain, or drive you insane, untill you need to clear your mind once again.. Music, it's like a powerfull force, out to make you loose it, without any remorse, to get your anger out, and loose control, to keep your heart pumping when you're out ind the cold, some people is living for it, playing it night and day, saying that they wont quit, but it's not for them to deside, someday the grim reaper will tell them to die, so live your life and live it well, how it will come to an end? even i cant tell..

Midnight Ritual.

.It is midnight, and i am walking alone
walking in the dark, going away from my home
i look to the sky in search for light from the stars
but i see only clouds, and the holes in them looks like enormous scars

I began this ritual, by holding out my arms
to start dancing in this midnight seance
and i've never seen anything like this before
when i began this ritual lightnings lit up the shore

Thunder threated to tear the heavens apart
but all i could see were astonishing art
my sences hightened and i thought of the odds
could this have something to do with ancient gods?

I thought loudly "gods send me a sign or an omen
tell me do you exist, gods Thor and Odin
give me the sign of the hammer and i shall believe thy token".

A lightning shaped like a malice now broke the silence
i took a deep bow in devotion, and thanked the gods for theyr guidence
i've been given a single proof that my belief's were wrong
but will it happen again next time and will the stars be gone?

i cannot tell you the answers, for i do not possess the insight
only the lords of Asgard may know whether if i am wrong or right
"Hail to ye gods, praised be thy wisdom and might"


A woman can be many things. She can be as mysterious as the night, and as beautiful as the nature, when the sun is shining bright, she can be as surprising and thrilling as the differences in the music, depending only on how we use it.. she's the moon at night, and the sun at dawn, she's the mother earth and the dessert storm, she is the sky above and the ocean below, she is as beautiful as the night and the colorfull rainbow..

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