Friday, August 8, 2008


Everyone’s life follows the vein of his upbringing. Some people tell stories about a different way of life: experiences, traditions, customs, and routines that are often times exclusive to their families, cultures, or nationalities. While there are many differences among us, we have at least one great thing in common: Music. We all share music. We enjoy music, music, music. Irrespective of language, culture, customs, traditions, nationality, and religion, everyone makes a place for music in his life. Some of us write music. Some of us dance to music. Some of us sing music, and some just listen to it. Music is the thread that weaves our lives together in some way or another.

Consider a party guy who loves Disco, Pop, and Techno. From Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” to Jonas Brothers “Burnin’ Up” to MIA’s “Bamboo Banga,” he has no shortage of fun music to which he can shake his…Hmm! When he’s feeling more subdued and in the mood for a little culture, he appreciates Luciano Pavarotti’s Opera singing, Gustavo Dudamel & Simon Bolivar’s Classical “Fiesta,” and perhaps tops it off with a little Ella Fitgerald, the greatest Jazz songstress of all time. He listens to “Ella Sings Gershwin” and moves on to her lively “Rain on My Parade.” But he’s instantly trapped by her incredible scat, and he throws in her “Black Magic” for good measure. How can he stop there when there’s so much more to "Walk this Way" to? by Run DMC and Aerosmith.

If you walk into an elevator, you’re likely to hear smooth Jazz or Classical music. If you walk into a club, you’re met with a cocktail of funky sounds—Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, Ska, Metal, Punk, and Rap. If you stroll through a mall or an airport anywhere in the world, there is music in the air. When a baby is put to sleep, the music of a soft lullaby soothes his spirit. There’s music in the streets, churches, synagogues, schools, concerts, clubs, hospitals, homes, restaurants, shopping malls, banquets, and weddings. There is even music at funerals. Music consumes our lives from birth to death, and what a beautiful thing to be cradled by music, music, music!

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