Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Women On The Lead"

The Strength of a Woman

I have question about the strength of a woman.

Is it possible for a woman to be too strong or independent?

What I'm asking is has women's equality, western culture, and today's society as a whole so radically and drastically altered the roles, that today's women play that some women have be come too independent? Not just in the bedroom and or relationships, but also in the boardroom, courtroom, the streets and life in general.

In many single parent homes, the woman has to be both Mother and Father and in doing so the woman has to incorporate many attributes normally associated with a man (provider and protector) and she also has become tougher, stronger, and more self reliant.

I can empathize with the plight of single women who need to be somewhat independent just to make it in life. There's certainly nothing wrong with having a job, paying your bills, and maintaining what you own. It just seems for a lot of the single women that I know, that the desire for independence has subtly choked out their ability for a healthy traditional relationship.

Most men don't want to feel like an "optional accessory" in a busy woman's life. Men need to feel needed, just like women need to feel cherished.

Most single women have a history of supporting themselves, holding down a job (if not two), possibly raising children, attending school, taking care of household bills and helping out with other family responsibilities involving parents, grandparents and siblings in many cases they have handled these responsibilities without a strong or consistent male influence in their lives.

Through miscommunication, death, neglect or abuse, many father-daughter, sister-brother, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships have gone astray, oftentimes leaving women to form a support network among themselves in order to get things done.

Have women become so entrenched in these non traditional roles that they can no longer be submissive enough to enjoy a relationship with a Dominate male and allow a man to play his traditional role in the relationship?

How many women are tired of having to be the STRONG one?

Does today's woman want a man that can take care of her? Is it a sign of weakness to admit that?

Have these role changes caused you problems in your love life? If so how?

What role if any do you feel that men have played in creating this phenomenon?

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