Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Dream Is You

"I Used to Dream of Falling in Love with Someone like You"

I used to long to have someone I could talk to about anything; someone who would know my heart and good intentions and love me in inspite of my imperfections; someone who would respect my feelings, however weird they might seem, and forgive me when I made mistakes.

I used to dream of finding someone who would see past my faults and uprocessed emotions that cause me to show sides of myself that arent't finished developing yet and may never be, someone who would love me in spite of them and yet be able to see the love in my heart, no matter what tried to cover it up.

I used to hope that someday I'd find someone who'd accept all of me and who could appreciate the attributes I bring to a relationships, too. I wasn't looking for someone who was perfect. I was just looking for someone to love and be loved by, someone I could share my most secret secrets with, someone I could trust forever. Well, I found that person in you.

We've been through the rain and the fire together. We've survived some ups and downs that could have caused us to go our separate ways. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you, I thank you for being you, and I'm so thankful we are together...again.

I realized now that my dream has come true. In you, I've found that someone that I can share everything with... the good, the bad, and all the in-betweens; the hard times, easy times, the messy and the clean. We've been together through it all, and I just want you to know that I think you're pretty special and I am lucky to have you. Please keep on being you and loving me. I love you so.

You're Still Here

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