Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What makes a guy decide to marry?

I know this is a broad question that may not be easy to answer in full detail, but little bits of 'truth' would be enlightening, and even better since they're concise.This is 2008, and seriously, people I know personally are getting married left and right (this has not happened before, either that or I'm blind?!). There'd be 4 marriages this year for my friends (and to think I don't have THAT many..)

So, to cut to the chase, why do some people marry early, and some marry late, or date without marrying at all?I know this may be assuming that the guy makes all the marriage decisions, which ain't the case always, but being one-half of the couple duo, on the female side, I'm curious as to what guys think regarding marriage.

In essence: What makes a marriage-minded man and a bachelor-or-in-a-relationship-type man? This puzzles me, because I know 2 of my friends already married at 23-24, with their husbands not really much older.So, is it the girl that makes men decide to marry, or is it their innate "marrying" mechanism activating?

Men in general get bored easily & wants continuous adventure.They would want someone who could cope up with their energy.Someone would stimulate them intellectually,sexually,emotionally,physically & spiritually.Men wants a woman who will keep them guessing someone who is a little bit naugthy & mysterious.

Marriage trends go in waves, and it's peaking at it's crest once again. I swear, weddings are spreading like viruses! Everywhere you turn, someone is engaged, or a wedding commercial is on TV. I'll be honest here. The truth is, some men are more likely to settle down than others. Sure, you have your "Romeo and Juliette" couples from high school, but the fact is that most people are not easily lucky in love.

You may find that "soul mate", but most of us find a compatible partner that we happen to love. I'll exclude baby daddy dramas, lonely military men, friends turned lovers, and shotgun weddings for this next part. I'm talking about what it takes to find a husband with a blank slate.The main factor for men in deciding to marry is first readiness, second is YOU.

A man wanting to marry usually is:

-Got a good job-Done school and has a career.
-Has his own home
-Has had time to figure out what he wants in life, and for some, has "sowed" his oats.
-Religious men and men from certain cultures are often more likely to marry or want to marry sooner.
-Has friends that are married or engaged.

A man wanting to marry YOU usually wants you to be or have:

-Attractive, fit, and well kept.
-Educated or in school, and/or employed with career goals.
-Good personality.
-Someone who will get along with his family and friends.
-Similar social background, beliefs, and interests.
-Someone who respects themselves.
-Someone who will be a good wife and mom (in general, since different guys have different ideas of what this is).
-High sex drive, or willingness for lots of sex (if still a virgin and waiting until marriage).
-Some men prefer virgins, some prefer experience, some care less.

Most men just want a sensual and willing partner.Bottom line: Your man has to *be ready* to commit, and you have to have what he is looking for.

A man will marry when he knows that his ready and has found the one true person he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with, sometimes thats not the case, sometimes the man is ready and the woman is the one that does not want to commit or the other way around and thats normal it happens.

A man will know the rigth time for him to setlle down & get married if he will meet the woman who will steal his heart and he knows deep down that no matter what else happens in his life, he would want that person to be in his life until the end. That's how I figured it out, and I guess I was raised that marriage is the final showing of commitment, other than being faithful for the rest of his life. Yet I believe living with someone first is the only true test as to how you actually get along with that person.

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