Monday, August 25, 2008

"My Baby Girl"

Beautiful baby girl of mine

Now it is your time to shine

In my minds eye you're still small
My wide-eyed wondering baby girl

You took my hand, but you lead the way

Each one was a brighter day
Through troubled times you held your head high
You never complained, whined or cried

You showed compassion when your friends teased
You never followed you chose to lead
You always stood out from the rest

You always strived to be the very best
You have a spark, you light a fire
To be like you I do aspire

The pride that I feel when I look into your eyes
I know all your dreams you will soon realize

All I ever wanted for you, you have achieved
Despite any obstacles you always did succeed

Your future is so incredibly bright
The whole world will be blinded from the light

Time to spread your wings and fly
But how do I ever say goodbye?

Your life will take you so far away from me
But i'll always be with you wherever you may be
Take with you the love that I have in my heart

And know that we will never truly be apart

You have meant the world to me
Time rushed by far too quickly
Beautiful baby girl of mine....


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