Sunday, August 17, 2008

Make Your Life Meaningful

A Creed for Every Moment of our Life

Our life is a journey ahead of us
Each day is a new beginning

Yesterday is a friend that will guide us
There will be good times and bad times

Cherish the good because they make life sweet;
but be thankful for the bad,

for through them we come to know the meaning of life

There will come a time when we face difficult decision
And we don’t know which way to turn,

The important is that, we make a choice and more forward
There will be times we’ll be unsure of what to believe in;

Believe in ourselves and we will never be without a direction

There will be times that test our strength and endurance
but don’t give up; refuse to accept defeat
for perseverance is the key to success

There will be times when we are hurt by love
Forgive those who hurt us, so that our heart will be free to love again
There will be times when we make mistakes

Remember that mistakes are not reflection of our self-worth
But of our humanity, nor do they make us less of a person

Because of the lesson we’ll learn, we grow and become wiser
There will be times when we search for happiness,
Leads to frustration and disappointment

To be happy with the world, we must first be happy with ourselves
There will be times when life seems unfair

There will be times when we stand in the way of reading out for dreams,

Confront your fears and we will conquer them
There will be times when our faith in shaken
but don’t despair for it will return…

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