Monday, August 4, 2008


There are a lot of people who are depressed to think in deep about results their good work,secred emotions,sacrifices and belongingness for their friends, nearest and the dearest.
If, we ask the reason, they just express the reason as 'Not reciprocation of thier expected response in the same manner they want to OR a good result. Are they correct? Are they thinking in a right way?

I think, they are not,cause all are not of the same nature what u are OR what you expect from the world.

In my opinion, this is not a matter to worry. Why should worry, if u done a good thing to the persons u love? This is not a mistake on your part that you shower your best to him.
Just think, Your expertise in driving does not guarantee you to escape from any accident on the road, since it is not sure that the driver opposite u is also an expert.

And the same thing applied on every person.So, you are the only person can control yourself but not to others.You have to control or advise your mind to accept the advise of comes from your soul because relation and feelings are made by your heart and let the heart to decide.
Keep your mind away from the decision in such soft matters.Your soul will show you the right way to act.Brain may distort the justice.

Do not let your mind to any clash or disappointment.

Let you think your own way in a good manner and thats all. What u get in return is depends on the healthy thoughts of the others. You need not to worry for the mistakes u did not make.
Let it be rest on the God who is the natural and real Judge to decide the good and bad. Among your friends also there may be some misunderstandings some time.

You have to evaluate the past,where there may be some mistakes or mis-happenings between him and you.Try to resolve the matter at your own keeping safe your self- esteem and listen what your soul asks you.
However, if you find no positive results and even after your deep evaluation you did not find any known mistakes,u need not to worry. Just forget the matter and leave the result on God and Nature.


In India,Shrimadbhagvad Geeta contains the holy saying of Lord Krishna that why should u worry.The all thing is well planned and goes in a manner what has been decided by God.You need concentrate on work only and forget about the results.
So, don't worrry for the results let it be rest upon me(The God).I will see what is ok and what is not.

I, strongly have the same opinion,however this is very much difficult for a human being but, one must be think it easy.Be easy.

Time will pour all the wounds and if you find a way closed, it means that u have a new path open there for you and you will find this path a shinning one.

Concluding myself i would like to submit further that the nature has every quality.caliber and more than sufficient capacity to create and provide a new world for you-Just explore it. It has every power to give u relief and you need to feel it.

Hope,this will serve the purpose for those who in need of some guidance since, it depends on the experiences faced by me in the life.

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