Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Become Irresistable To Women"

How to Become the Man No Girl Would Ever Dare to Leave - Become the Ultimate Relationship God

No matter how good looking, rich and well worthy you might be women always have the upper hand when it comes to choosing a potential mate and at the same time they don't waste a second when they decide to dump you. You see this is the reason why you must understand how to control the relationship instead of having the relationship control you. Read on to discover how to become the man no woman would ever dare to leave and achieve earth shattering results fast.......

Learn to be strong and respect yourself- Now this is one thing a lot of men stop doing after some years into the relationship. You see a relationship only goes smoothly when you constantly invest in it and make efforts. Learn to be strong which actually means emotionally strong and always respect yourself. Remember the moment you lose respect for yourself you have probably lost the relationship.

Stop taking it for granted- This is another thing a lot of men do after some years have past. Taking the relationship for granted would only show her that you are not what you used to be and you are not willing to make any real effort anymore. This is a very big turnoff and the relationship wouldn't last long enough if you do this.

Stop fearing that she will leave you- Now once you start fearing that she might leave you it gives you a sense of insecurity which becomes pretty evident in the way you act and do things. You see the trick here is to lose the fear of losing her and you would never ever lose her.

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