Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"The Beauty From My Eyes"


I went to the fair today. Nothing special, and very small. but it was incredible fun!

I got to stroke the horses, 3 of them in which I became friends with, all with different personalites. all of them extremely beautiful creatures. One was a pony who accepted your love, another a handsome stud who loved the attention ( and tried to eat my watch). The other was a shy one named Baby Boy, who was extremely gentle but a bit difficult to reach since he had the highest gate.some of them painted in red, white, and blue (poor fellas, to be painted), some of them excited. Other's were attention beggers- the ones you can't walk away from because they follow you.

I had my pants licked by a cow who had a wet cold nose and curios tongue. I got marks to prove it with. pretty girl, she was, though. a small black/white and big eyes. If she'd been human, guys would fall all over her, that's how adorable she was. but she was even more shy than Baby boy. but she warmed up quickly!

And I met 2 chicks that followed my hand everywhere, both of them attempted to nip me, only one of them succeeded. It actually didn't hurt, though. their male was in the next cage watching curiously, and I wondered how one guy could take on two of the same with a biting habit. a rooster and his chickens. very cute.

And then I met a black sheep who was one of a kind. In others words, the only one who came up for attention while the others ran to the back of their pens. gorgeous and with thick wool, she soaked up the love people gave her. She was extremely difficult to walk away from. Kids swarmed around her, though, so I guess I don't have to be extremely guilty for leaving her.
It was so much fun to finally get to touch a bit of the farm, even if it was a fair. The animals were gorgeous and different from everyone and anyone else.

Memories that I hope to keep close. It was falling in love with the animals, that you didn't even notice the crappy rides or games. I spent a full hour and still wanted to stay longer just for the animals. A day of beauty if you ask me.

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