Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"How To Attract Women Effortless"

How To Become The Ultimate Girl Magnet - Make Them Chase You Like Crazy And Fight Over You

Which guy wouldn't like to be on the most wanted list when it comes to getting female attention. Well there is a misconception among most guys that you need to be rich, good looking and some what exceptional to become a girl magnet which is completely wrong. You see you don't need any of the above mentioned qualities but there is a secret ingredient you do need.

Read on to discover what that secret ingredient is and how you can make women fight over you.......

It's your personality- Yes your personality is the secret ingredient you need to work on. Women want a man who has a great personality and is a mix of everything which include drama, mystery, romance and humor. These are the skills you must develop and work on in order to become the guy women drool over.

Give interesting twists in your conversation and hold their attention- Another most important factor you need is the way you communicate. You must be able to hold a girls attention for a long period of time at the same time you must be a great story teller. You see women love guys who are good at the art of communication and present interesting twists in their stories which are so amusing that she simply can't take her eyes of you. So make it a point to work on your communication and story telling skills.

Get good with a lot of women- This is the most important aspect of being a girl magnet. You see girl magnets are guys who are liked by almost any woman wherever they go. Learn to become great with women in general. In order to do this you must talk to as many women as possible and get good with them.

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