Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to Recognize a Soulmate


Step 1:Accept your partner. Acceptance is a big factor in a relationship and your soulmate will accept you as you are and in good or bad times. They will not be flustered if you have a mood one day and they will not leave over silly arguments. Your soulmate will stick by you.

Step 2:Love unconditionally. Soulmates will love you when you look horrible when you have the flu, and they will celebrate with you when you succeed at one of your goals. They are always there for you.

Step 3:Build together. Your soulmate will want to build things with you and create a future full of happy times and joy. They will work with you as a team not as a competitor. They will walk on the same path with you and ride the same wave.

Step 4:Attract from the heart and soul. When you find your soulmate, you will feel that the main
attraction comes from your heart and soul. It connects with their heart and soul. Many people believe that looks are the main focus in attraction, when in fact it is the joining of our souls that pulls us together.

Step 5:Provide support in good and bad. Soulmates know how to support you in all life's experiences. They will hold your hand when you are sad, they will jump up and down with you when you are excited, and they will hold you close when you want them too. Soulmates have a natural way of knowing how to embrace your spirit and heart.

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