Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to Love Unconditionally


Step 1:Take responsibility for how you react to a person or situation. You are the one that determines if you are happy or sad. Prevent the blame game and gain control over your life and love.

Step 2:Approach your love
relationship without any predetermined mindset. Know that nobody is perfect and everyone has her own gifts and shortcomings.

Step 3:Give the space and freedom the other person needs. To love someone deeply is to grow together in the spirit. Controlling the other person does not assure you of a secure relationship. The feeling of your partner's love is enough security.

Step 4:Believe that love given in its truest form comes back one way or the other. Give yourself wholeheartedly without any boundaries. Love is possible without hurt only when ego is dropped completely.

Step 5:Accept your partner and their limitations without any judgment. Grow in the relationship based on trust and sacrifice instead of self-satisfaction alone. Love the other person for their existence in your life than for what they do for you.

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