Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Interracial Marriages"

How to Succeed in an Interracial Marriage

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Step 1:Refuse to let what other people may say or think about interracial marriage bother you. As an interracial
couple, you may be forced to deal with negative stereotypes associated with either of your cultures--or hostile or derogatory comments from other people in your community who do not understand your relationship. Remember that the things these people say cannot get in the way of the love you two share.

Step 2:Show respect for each other's cultures and family traditions before and during your marriage. Interracial couples often face rejection or stress from their own families because of traditional beliefs that people should marry only other people of the same cultural background. Regardless of whether this is an issue in your marriage, it's still important to remember to respect the beliefs and traditions of your partner's family--and, if possible, to find ways to bring your families closer together.

Step 3:Lay down boundaries regarding your marriage with any family members or friends who try to interfere. Though it's important to respect your family's beliefs, it's also necessary to defend your marriage to anyone who may try to change your mind about whether it is right or wrong to have an interracial marriage.

Step 4:Embrace the things that you and your partner have in common as well as your differences. The different parts of your racial backgrounds and cultures are likely to be some of the most enriching parts of your lives. Bringing these things together should prove to be even more fulfilling for both of you. Share any traditions or cultural beliefs that you consider most important with your partner as you build your life together.

Step 5:Remember that standing up to racism does not need to be an aggressive confrontation. This act can also be accomplished simply by making it clear that you will avoid interactions with someone who continues to be negative regarding your marriage. Firmly tell the person you will not spend time with anyone who expresses racist views.

Tips & Warnings

Examine all challenges that your marriage faces with an open mind. Should you have difficulties with your marriage, don't blame all problems on the interracial aspect of your relationship. Focusing too much on your racial differences will only lead to the same type of division and discrimination you would generally try avoid from others.

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