Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Satisfy Your Man Anytime,Anywhere & Any Position"

How can you satisfy your lover in bed?

If you really want to know what makes a woman good in bed it is really just four things.... Passion, Desire, Love and Trust... If you find a woman with those four quailties then everything else will fall into place...

Sometimes, being physical with your man whom you love dearly, becomes dull and monotonous. Why so? This is a fact, everything in this world seems to get dull, though it is not so, it is the style or manner with which we handle certain things and situations that become dull. And for that, one or the other has to make some efforts to make things exciting around you.

And if your sexual activity with your man is getting quite predictable, then its the time to bring some changes. Do not always take your man for granted, I mean, do not always expect him to initiate the love-making, why can't you begin to express what you desire for?

This will make the environment really hot!!! Your man will feel the happiest ever!
As surprises are always welcome to make your relationship happening!

Wake him up with sex, giving his body your hot sighs and sensuous gestures anywhere and everywhere you like! This is the hottest thing a woman can do to arouse her man to the climax. I bet! Never lie down on bed with your man like a dummy, instead take the initiative to make your man happy.

Just ignore other distractions around or outside your bedroom- At the time of love-making, if there is happening something outside your house or the voices of your family members trying to distract you. Just look into each other's eyes and have a laugh and continue.

Also, do not hesitate to tell your man indirectly, that what and how you want him to treat you when in bed. Its your duty to make your partner aware of what kind of sexual pleasure you want and in what manner. With this, both of you will enjoy the act of love-making without any desires unfulfilled.

And please, please, never make your man feel that he is or was wrong somewhere while having sex with you. As this will shatter his self-confidence thereby making the things worse for both of you. If you felt that he was lacking something or gone wrong somewhere, then have a chat just after sex.
Ask him in a different way if you were wrong somewhere in making him happy or was lacking something, then he will tell you that. And in return,he will also ask you the same thing, and then you tell him what you felt about his performance in bed.

This way, you will understand each other better.

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